Lyrics 優しい彗星 Yoasobi

COMET [Yasashii Suisei] - YOASOBI 『優しい彗星』 Lyrics Video (Kan/Rom/Eng)

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COMET [Yasashii Suisei] - YOASOBI 『優しい彗星』 Lyrics Video (Kan/Rom/Eng)

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•Artist: Yoasobi
•Song 🎵 : 優しい彗星 (Yasashii Suisei - Gentle Comet)
- BEASTARS Season 2 Ending Theme Song
•Release: January 20, 2021
•Eng trans:
- @shiyuki332
Lyrics video BEASTARS Season 2:
• Opening Theme Song TV size:
•Opening Theme Song [FULL] :
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